What is Sundays@Six?

Sundays@Six is our Sunday evening programme at Avenue, running during term time. On Sunday evenings, we:

  • sing together, hear God’s word together, and pray together
  • spend time thinking more deeply about Scripture, life, and issues together
  • spend time together as a church family on a Sunday evening

We meet in the main hall at the school and the timings are as follows:

6.00pm – arrive, have a drink

6.00-6.25pm – time for singing, prayer, Bible readings

6.30-7.30pm – interactive seminar discussion and prayer

Everyone is welcome!

To find out more please email

Note: Sundays @ Six is taking a break this term. Sunday evenings at Avenue will return after Easter 2024.

Sunday evening seminars – resources & handouts

How to read the Bible one-to-one – Listen to seminar / Handout 1 – How to read the Bible one-to-one; Handout 2 – Two simple frameworks for Bible reading

The Trinity: What it is and why it mattersListen to seminar / Slides from seminar / Handout from seminar


Homegroups exist at Avenue to help us listen to and live out God’s word in our life together. 

We encourage everyone at Avenue to be part of a Homegroup.

Hello Students

You are an integral part of our church family; everything that we do is done with you in mind. We consider you part of the family: worshipping, learning and serving alongside everyone else.